Monday, November 24, 2008

War goes on (Heavy Metal Step 6)

Last night and today there was plenty of RvR action in WAR. It is a credit to Mythic that some of their work has paid off, finally. The Heavy Metal Step 6 was to kill 15 players in RvR, so players took advantage of it.

I was in a full warband (24 players) last night in one of the best keep sieges I have ever participated in. Order held a keep in Avelorn that was being attacked by Destro, so I joined the warband.

At first, I attacked from behind and made some dents in the siege, but I died repeatedly, then sneaked into the fortress area to help the defense. The door to the outer wall soon fell, then Destro started on the inner door. As the inner door crumbled, we stood on the top of the stairs to the second floor, with me and the rest of the tanks blocking in front. I found using the Swordmaster skill "Hold the Line" handy for blocking, along with the morale blocking skills. We held Destro off until the inner door repaired itself, essentially trapping them inside. A great strategy, because as they died inside, they could not return to their posts. Most of the tanks were gone when we scattered the remainder on the first floor, then chased the rest back to their camp.

Our victory was short lived, as it must be in a video game, because they started pushing us back. I took a break for a few hours, and when I returned they were still at it! So I joined again. This time we were able to block them in the narrow passage of the outer doorway, and routed them back outside.

The narrow passages are definitely Thermopoli all over again. All in good fun on both sides.

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