Friday, November 21, 2008

Heavy Metal Step 3

The Heavy Metal event in WAR goes on. I did 3 of the daily quests so far. The last one was a quest within the Reikland Factory scenario. Apparently, the quest was put there for this event only, and will be removed after the event is over. Each daily quest is not revealed until the day you can do it, making it a bit exciting and challenging. No one is supposed to have foreknowledge of the daily quest, so everyone starts on the same footing. And you can do past quests at any time. A player could conceivably do all the quests on the last day of the event.

Mythic also announced that the series of dailies for the holidays will be announced at once, so everyone can spend time with their families and not be under pressure to do a quest every day. It is probably because they want their own employees to get their holidays off. Nonetheless, it is a nice gesture.

An odd thing happened while I was doing the daily quest in the factory. My character completely disappeared! That was very disconcerting, and an odd bug to happen. I have never seen (or not seen) that before. I saw experience and damage coming off my addon, but there was no character to be seen. I played a bit, wondering if my friends and enemies could see me at all. It would be great if my enemies did not see me coming. Thankfully, my character reappeared after the scenario was over.

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