Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No more Scenarios!

I have been bored with Warhammer of late. I was getting tired of the Scenario play. I think in each tier there is one Scenario that players do, and rarely any others. Playing Tier 1 involves playing Nordenwatch over and over and over, for instance. In Tier 3, it is Tor Anroc, with its delightful lava kills! You throw someone into the lava and they disintigrate themselves. It is fun, but after the 10th time of throwing someone in the lava, it gets a little tiring.

Today, I was reading some of the articles on mmosite.com, like this one. It points out the things that Mythic has to do to improve the game. I agree with a lot of what he is saying.

The RvR does not exist for the most part. The questing is silly and boring. Questing is either too easy or too hard, depending on what monsters you meet. No one is doing Public Quests at all. So I am left doing Scenarios over and over. And I can't do Scenarios on a low-population server because there are not enough players to do them. When the server is at medium population, there is a chance of doing it. Most servers I see are not at high population at all any more.

Then there is the Altdorf problem. I might as well call it that. Whenever I visit Altdorf (the big Order city), I get a "memory leak." I am not sure that it is a "memory leak" because I am not a techie, but that is what I call it. My computer's RAM fills up to 99%, and it starts hitching and the frame rate goes to anywhere from 0 fps to 3 fps. Then it freezes and gets stuck at 0 fps. The only way out of the problem is to force quit Warhammer, which takes about 10 minutes because of the full memory. Then I have to restart the computer to clear the memory, because naturally a force quit does not clear the memory. I need a "clear memory" button or something.

In the old days, I used to get a CTD (crash to desktop) whenever visiting the big city. But Mythic fixed that. Woopie! Now I get a frozen computer! Big improvement! Ah, I wish for the old days now. Much easier to recover from a CTD than a "memory leak."

The solution, oddly enough, is to transport myself using the guild recall scroll, then buy my PvP gear and not use the trainers outside the guild inn area, but transport myself out using my tome of recall and find trainers elsewhere. I can usually use the bank and renown trainers with no problem. The problem is mostly with walking or riding to the career trainers. But do I always remember to do all that? No.

Anyway, Mythic has got to do population rebalancing on a huge scale because too many players are leaving Warhammer to play other games, and I am afraid not enough are going to come back soon. I have to commend Mythic for trying to make a game that would actually have a chance against WoW. But I am afraid I may have to go back to WoW and reorder Wrath of the Lich King, possibly when the price goes down.

I have been playing Guild Wars in the meantime. I am surprised at how smoothly that game plays. And I do wonder why I ever left that game. But that game is mostly just doing idiotic quests for titles and glitz that has no strategy. The strategy is taken out of that game by having only 8 skills to use at once. The only strategy is what 8 skills you use in your build, and how they can be used to defeat players or monsters. And what heroes (NPCs) do you use to play the game. There are only a few areas that are done without heroes. I fail to see why guilds are necessary in that game because most players just solo with heroes. So I may get Eye of the North (EotN or GWEN) before WotLK. EotN is now cheaper.

I dropped out of the Westmarch Brigade in GW. I have received some obnoxious tells about joining guilds because I am guildless, but I have not replied to them. The tells were all in the PvP areas, oddly enough, not in any PvE areas. In the PvE areas, players just send obnoxious spam to join this or that guild or alliance all the time. I am thinking of starting my own guild so all my characters can be in a guild by themselves, but I don't think you can start a guild by yourself.

I also disbanded the Holy Knights of Westmarch guild on Xfire. No one cares about that. It was just something I created.

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