Saturday, November 01, 2008

Population balancing again

Mythic is offering transfers from low-population servers to higher-population servers to correct imbalances in populations. My feeling is that these transfers are for the purpose of eventually closing or ignoring those low-population servers because the list of low-population servers is rather long, and the list of high-population servers is very short. It is obvious that Mythic is anticipating that the population in general will fall off, or is falling off after the first month of gameplay.

I transferred Dracon, renamed Draconiantus, to Magnus and Erroleorl, renamed Erolleor, to Gorfang from Tor Achere. I am disappointed because Tor Achere was my first server, and the one I was first offered when starting the game. I think there was a mass exodus from Tor Achere that started soon after the game was released. I saw posts in forums saying that guilds were leaving to start new characters elsewhere. Some of the posts blamed "bugs" in the RvR scenario queues, even though there were none. The scenarios didn't come up because there weren't enough players, that's all. It is hard to understand why it happened. But it really doesn't matter. I have plenty of other characters.

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