Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Warhammer patch 1.05

After writing that pessimistic post below, I was thinking that the Heavy Metal event is starting for Warhammer Online, so I got on last night to check it out. I really was curious to see if the first quest for the event was either too hard or too easy, and to see if I really can complete the series to get a week's preview of the new character Knight of the Blazing Sun. I do want to try that character because I enjoy playing tanks, and the KBS promises to be the uber tank of Order, maybe.

I was not disappointed, I must say, because the first quest for Heavy Metal was easy, but not too easy. All I had to do is participate in the new scenario, the Reikland Factory. I didn't have to win it, just participate. The Factory is a good scenario because it is similar to Nordenwatch, but it has one more capture point, for a total of four. Order won the scenario I was in, so I was satisfied and happy. I am just afraid that the scenario is going to be the one everyone plays over and over until boredom takes over.

It is important to note that Mythic is trying to encourage more play in the RvR lakes, so they are giving more reputation and experience for capturing Battle Objectives and Keeps, as well as player kills. And they are giving less experience and rep for scenarios. I am not sure that will have the intended effect, but it may work. The effect may be that players will crowd the RvR lakes and it will become boring after a while.

I also ran around dabbling in various quests after doing that one scenario. I met up with a few others who were doing a Public Quest. That was fun because I have been bored with the scenarios and was complaining that there were not enough PQs going on. The exp for PQs may have been increased also, but I am not sure.

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