Friday, November 21, 2008

Dracon Verilas is born

I created a new character in Guild Wars called Dracon Verilas, a Mesmer, in an attempt to get the Defender of Ascalon and Legendary Defender of Ascalon titles. This is a rather long-term project, especially because I will be playing other games, like WAR, at the same time. So far, the character is doing well. I got my baby Mesmer up to level 3, using experience mostly from killing monsters. I did a few quests, like the Gwen's flute quest and the early Mesmer skills quests. I think those are still legal, although doing too many quests may prevent the character from reaching the proper level.Dracon Verilas I have figured out that if you do too many quests, then by the time you reach the level limit on gaining experience from monsters, you will not gain enough experience to level. There is a limit on the monster levels that are found Pre-Searing, and you can't gain experience from monsters that are 5 or more levels below you. The idea is to get to the max level from killing monsters, around 14, then gain a level or two to 16 by doing quests. Then you get the Defender of Ascalon title. If you want Legendary Defender, then you have to level monsters by multiple suicides. That is something I didn't even know was possible. Monsters actually gain levels by characters dying. It makes sense in some weird way, but I trust most players don't know that. The technique is to lure one or more monsters to a resurrection shrine, then stand there and let them kill you, and when they level two or three times, you kill them for experience. It is a tough way to get experience, I have to admit.

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