Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Knights are born

Well, I finished that Heavy Metal event and got the preview of the Knights of the Blazing Sun yesterday. I have not been disappointed. It was kind of hilarious to be in scenarios with mostly Knights and Black Guards bashing on each other with swords and polearms. The swords don't do much damage, adding to the hilarity of it all.

But Destro are a bunch of losers because in one of the first scenarios, we had practically all Knights, but they had to bring along a healer and WE just to make sure they won the scenario. From the Order side, we didn't care if we won, just so we could try out the new character. Destro just had to win. Losers. Order had fun. Winners.

The auras on the Knights are really great. They add either strength or toughness to everyone, and debuff the same to enemies. I think the Chosen has a similar aura system, but it is new to Order.

I was getting some slowdowns and crashes while doing scenarios last night. I think it was because a lot of players were crowding the servers. I did not check the population levels because I was too busy playing.

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