Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Guild Wars update

Dracon Verilas is now level 7, gradually getting up to the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title. The description on how to get the title is found in GuildWiki, one of the more reliable and updated sites on Guild Wars. The only title is Legendary Defender of Ascalon, attainable at level 20 in Pre-Searing.

The idea that is proposed there is to not complete any quests, except the ones for obtaining basic skills, at least until level 16 to 19. The author recommends waiting until level 19 to complete them. The "death-leveling" is started at level 16.

Climbing to level 11 can be done by repeatedly taking and abandoning the quest Charr at the Gate, which is fairly easy because Rurik and his men help out.

After level 11, you have to enter the Northlands, which requires someone to open the gate, to kill level 7 Charr. At 14, you have to kill level 10 Charr, until 16.

I decided to sell everything I pick up, except if I have something I want to trade to a collector. It doesn't seem to make much sense to save stuff, because in Pre-Searing there is no access to the storage, and there are no more bags other than the 5-slot belt bag. I am picking up armor pieces from collectors, not that I really need them. Part of the "death-leveling" technique is to wear no armor so you can commit suicide easier.

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