Monday, September 22, 2008

Warhammer is fun

I really enjoyed playing Warhammer. I think I was just in the mood for a change, so it didn't seem that bad. Or I overlooked the downsides of the game just to enjoy myself.

Mythic has created a game that is very similar to Dark Age of Camelot, of course. From what I remember of DAoC after trying it for about one day, the two games are very similar. The appearance of both games are very much the same, and the combat systems are the same. But Warhammer is much improved over DAoC or Ultima Online.

I was not even bothered as much about PvP, or RvR as the game calls it. I felt like I was just battling NPCs when I was fighting against human players. I think it is because the players were not jumping around or performing antics like they do in World of Warcraft. Warhammer also seems better designed for PvP, at least from my point of view, than WoW. That is, the content of WoW that I enjoy is PvE, and PvP does not seem enjoyable or understandable by me so far, given the antics of people who play the game. I once watched a Paladin fight a duel with a Hunter. The poor Paladin stood there while the Hunter jumped around and hopped up on objects like stairs. It was such a silly duel. I can see a Hunter running from Consecration, but hopping around was ridiculous.

Soon players will be hopping around while fighting in Warhammer, but for now they were not. The game allows jumping.

I spent most of my time in Warhammer yesterday with Destruction controlling the four RvR points while I was doing PvE. Then I decided to go for some of the RvR points. I got creamed because I was the only one there. First a Dark Elf killed me, then when I returned, a Chaos player killed me. So I quit RvR for a while. Apparently, all the Destruction left the area later, because the NPCs were there without any players.

I tried killing some of them, when two players came along and invited me to their party. It was a Witch Hunter and a Warrior Priest who joined me. We ran around and took over the three points in our territory. Then we celebrated our victory. One of the players headed out to the fourth point, but I didn't understand exactly where he was going, so they took over the fourth point. Soon, the bar on the top indicated that we had taken over all the points, with all blue and no red. I finally found the fourth point, but by then I think the other two players logged off, because I was no longer in the party. We also got the buffs from the NPCs. I had to show them how to get the buffs, because they didn't know how. It was a new game. I had gotten them at one point because the points were on our side for a brief time.

The idea that three players could take over all the points is interesting. The designers made it so a player could even do it himself, if he were at the right level. Most of the Destruction players were higher than me anyway. They were around 11 and I was only 6 or 7.

I think I spend almost 12 hours with the game, all day until early morning. Anything that occupies me for that long has got to have some good points.

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