Friday, September 12, 2008

Change in name

I changed the name of my blog to The Lightbringer to reflect the idea that I play Paladins in World of Warcraft. A Paladin is the ultimate Lightbringer who intends his actions will do good in the world.

I think that is my general intention in gaming, to play on the side of good, although many players may not understand or appreciate my particular understanding of what is good. I am more of a chaotic good player, meaning that I can seem to be doing something downright evil, even though my intent is to do good.

One example from WoW was when I was on Draconiantus on the Thorium Brotherhood server mining Mithril in Silithus and I encountered a Horde player who attempted to steal some Mithril.

Silithus is a very difficult area where I decided to level to 70 before I did any mining because the mobs were so hard to kill that I could not mine the caves until I was that level. Part of it had to do with my lack of ability at the time, but I made that decision based on my abilities and my frustration at being unable to kill enough to mine Mithril.

The technique I used was to lead a mob of insects through the tunnel to a Mithril node, then kill the mob near the node, laying claim to it. I was doing that when along comes a level 58 Tauren player and proceeds to mine the Mithril right under my nose. I am standing there killing mobs nearby, and he just ignores that fact, probably figuring I am killing mobs so he can get the Mithril. I just am flabbergasted that anyone would have the gall to do such a thing.

So, I walk away.

I proceed to the next node. I have enough armor and defenses because I am built as a tank, so I just walk to the next node with mobs beating on me, maybe throwing myself a heal if I need it. I mine Mithril, then head back to the exit of the cave to where my Horde friend was attempting to steal Mithril.

I see a Tauren body laying there. It is my Horde friend. Dead.

I snicker at my clever move. I deliberately did that, knowing he did not have the ability to survive against the mobs.

Now, some may argue I did a bad thing. I should have just killed the mobs so he would be safe, then gone on to the next node, and if he followed, I should just let him help himself to the next node, too. And so on, until he has collected all the Mithril he wants. Me, an Alliance Paladin, helping a Horde Tauren Warrior. How cute, and how peaceful, not to say rare, for interfaction cooperation.

But I argue I did the right thing. I taught him a valuable lesson. This game is not easy. It is tough. You can't sneak alone into the caves of Silithus at level 58 expecting to mine Mithril. You have to work for your levels and your Mithril. And you can't expect anyone, Alliance or Horde, to hand you Mithril.

It is a lesson you can apply to real life. Life is tough, and you have to forge out on your own many times to make your own way without anyone to give you a hand.

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