Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Declining Duels

I got a new addon called DeclineDuel from WoWAce. It seems almost impolite, but it was made necessary by several players who make totally uncalled-for challenges. DeclineDuel came in handy when I first used it. A 70 character challenged me to a duel on my then-25 Paladin Beneluxus while we were standing outside Shadow Fang Keep. I could not understand it. I think a level 70 character could beat a level 25 if he stripped all the armor and weapons off his character and punched him. It might take about 3 hits, but he would die fast. It just did not make sense for a level 70 to challenge a level 25. I wish someone could explain it. I should have asked him why he challenged me when he knew I was 45 levels below him. Once I did ask someone who was challenging me to a duel why he challenged me when he was more than 10 levels above me. I got no response. Those kinds of challenges don't even deserve a response, even if it is automated. Blizzard should have its own check to decline all duels, or at least decline ones that are from players that are 5 or more levels above. It is no wonder I do not even play PvP.

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