Saturday, November 06, 2010

Smoother play for WoW

I finally ironed out the video jumping or hiccupping I was experiencing in WoW after Patch 4.0.1. The hiccupping consisted of a brief freeze of my character when it went in or out of combat, plus very slow tooltip response every time I moused over an item. I decided to follow Blizzard's advice to repair the installation, then delete the Cache and WTF folders. I deleted the many patch updates that were cluttering up the WoW folder. I made the agonizing decision to delete some useful but unnecessary mods to improve the frame rate as much as possible. For example, I deleted Decursive because, although it is useful, the functions are duplicated in Healbot. I also stripped any map utilities because the stock map is OK. I finally deleted NotesUNeed, which does not work as well as it used to and can be annoying. After a long download to replace the patch updates, I changed all the settings of the mods to make them behave like I want them to.

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