Saturday, November 06, 2010

New adventures in WAR

I decided to start a free trial of Warhammer Online. The game is pretty much the same as it was before the "endless free trial." But the experience was an eye-opener for me, after about a year or two away. My old characters were not present. I may have to renew my subscription to get them back. I found that WAR has four servers for free trial members but many more servers that are for subscribers only, so I was wrong to repeat the cant that there are only four servers in a previous post. My new High Elf Swordmaster was put into the Empire starting area, and I found that all free account characters are placed in that starting area, rather than the racial starting area. I breezed through the beginning quests and a starter public quest with few problems and got past level 3. The game is very accessible and easy to play, which is more than I can say for games like Darkfall, which I found was hard to download and even harder to play on my machine. The open areas of the game are also more pleasing to me than the instanced areas of Dungeons & Dragons Online. I have had many unsuccessful attempts at playing downloaded content. It could be the age of the machine and operating system, which game developers no longer want to support. Accessibility is one of the key reasons people play games. If a game is hard to access, the game will not have many players.

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