Friday, November 05, 2010

Most WAR entitlements make sense

Mythic has begun a series of Warhammer: Online entitlements designed to make more real money for the company. Only one of the entitlements is cause for concern on my part. I think it is fine to offer cosmetic or meaningless changes to characters, such as transfers to another server, trophies, mounts, vanity pets or even items like non-uber armor or weapons. I do have an issue with the offer of another level for all of a player's characters for real money. I simply do not like the idea of someone else paying for a level that I want to earn by playing the game. After all, the idea behind a video game or MMO is that the players play the game, not pay real money to be boosted even one level. Admittedly, Mythic is limiting the purchases to one per account, so no player can buy his or her way to max level on a character, but I still find the offer of a level for real money very objectionable.

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