Monday, May 25, 2009

Rogues and Paladins

I made 68 with my rogue, Alaidaroy, and headed to Borean Tundra. I notice how easy it is to do the quests that are orange to me. Anyone who says to stick to green quests is wrong about that. With WotLK, orange quests are actually very easy, and the experience is appropriately high. Before I left Outland, someone was whispering me to join their quest to do Shadow Labyrinth. I ignored the messages. I find it hard to believe that players are actually doing Shadow Lab, when the experience and challenge is in doing the newest expansion. If you want the achievement, you can always go back and solo it at 80. As a Rogue, I imagine I can go in Shadow Lab and sneak to the final boss, then solo kill it. That is a real challenge.

Some players in my guild wanted to do heroic and regular Drak'Tharon Keep, so I switched to the Paladin to tank them. I have done that instance so many times, that they were actually easy. The guildies got their loot, and everything worked out for the good of the group. I also was able to upgrade my necklace with the badges I picked up. Other upgrades require 40 to 80 badges. That is just too many, requiring hours of repeated heroics.

The process that you have to go through to level and gain reputation to move ahead is actually very long and boring, unless you have an incredible amount of luck and patience. Doing the Sons of Hodir quests gets boring fast, but the shards you are supposed to be able to find are picked up by others before you can get them, and drops on the tokens is sparse at best, so I am relying on a long grind. Everyone has to do the reputation grind to get the best shoulder enchants.

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