Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Darkfall considered

I just visited the Darkfall site, and I have to admit the MMO game looks great. It has a "European" feel, of course. The "European" graphics consist of dark lines and shadows, sharp outlines and the surreal or super-real look. Other European products have that look. I would have to try out the gameplay, but the graphics look good.

The idea of being able to build siegeworks is a good idea, partly played out in WAR, but the implementation was simplistic in WAR. I hope developers of Darkfall did better with the implementation.

There is nothing definite on the site about an American release date, except that it is coming. The European release was in February. Based on previous experience, it can be hard for Americans to connect to European games, so I may wait for the release in America. Darkfall does look promising.

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