Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back to Azeroth

I recently came back to WoW and am enjoying some of the patch changes.

Paladins are still a very easy class to level and play. I have noticed that a Retribution Paladin is even easier to level, with the high damage and mana recovery. Leveling as Protection always has the low mana pool as a problem. I recently was in a situation where my Retribution Paladin was surrounded by about 5 enemies, so I decided to let Retribution Aura and Consecration do their jobs while I healed my way through the battle. I was using Flash of Light over and over, then hitting Consecration when my health recovered enough. I laughed in triumph as the enemies dropped one by one, and I emerged alive from the fight without being starved for mana or even using one potion. Now, that is survivability. That is the way to heal yourself through a battle. I think that I enjoy the healing hybrids the most, the Paladin, Druid and Shaman, because I miss being able to self-heal.

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